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Are you ready to start living your life to the fullest? With better hearing comes better relationships, better work performance, and a feeling of reconnection to the people and activities around you. At Hearing Innovations, we’ll help you achieve the best hearing possible so that you can do all of the things that matter most in your life.

Our Doctors of Audiology have the highest levels of education and credentials in the industry, and Hearing Innovations has been serving The Mahoning Valley Since 1975. As Mahoning Valley’s preeminent audiology practice, we always strive to exceed patient expectations through compassionate hearing care, exceptional knowledge and an unwavering commitment to high ethical standards.

We serve patients of all ages and provide both pediatric and adult hearing care. We work with each patient on a personal level, and with advanced technology and customized care, we’ll provide a hearing solution that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

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5 Reasons to Act Today

  1. You’ll increase your self-confidence.
    When you can carry on a conversation, and can clearly hear what others are saying, you’ll not only feel smarter, you’ll act it, too.
  2. You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends.
    When you hear better, it makes it easier to communicate and stay connected.
  3. You can increase your income.
    You’ll enjoy work more and won’t miss out on opportunities because of hearing loss.
  4. You’ll feel better physically.
    Hearing loss is directly correlated to increased hospital visits. With better hearing, your balance may improve and you’ll be healthier and happier, too.
  5. You’ll enjoy life more.
    With better hearing, you can live life to its fullest.

Why Choose Hearing Innovations?

  • We love helping people reconnect with those they love through better hearing. Our passion is helping you hear better so you can enjoy your passions, too.
  • We help you understand what type of hearing loss you have and the best solutions that are available to you, so you can make an informed buying decision—one that will make you happy.
  • While there are lots of options out there, we’ve researched and tested hundreds of hearing devices and only carry the best.
  • Once you’ve selected the best hearing aid for your hearing, your lifestyle, and your budget, we program it for optimal hearing—ensuring that you achieve the highest sound quality.
  • Then we follow-up with you to fine tune your hearing aids to work optimally.
  • Your satisfaction is our biggest concern.

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What People Say

“The staff is very professional and always treats me with respect. I was very pleased with the time and explanation given to me about the care and use of the hearing aids. Occasionally I have a question or concern and all staff members are polite and work until I’m satisfied.”

testimonial Agnes R., Patient

“After six months of wearing my new hearing aids I can say it is a life changing experience! Being self employed, I can now hear my employees and customers. Also as a hunter this past turkey season was fantastic, I can’t believe all the sounds turkeys make that I had been missing.”

testimonial Jeff Z., Patient

“Thank you, Dr. Branham, for opening up my world! I never realized how much I was missing (or misunderstanding) in conversations, lectures, church, movies, etc. My confidence level is up and I am a much happier person.”

testimonial Dusty G., Patient

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